Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title:
Gary Paulson
Number of Pages:
189 pages
Book Summary:
14 year old Brian has to deal with a divorce and his mother visiting another man. So, during a plane flight to Canada to visit his father, the single engine dies and he end's up alone in the wilderness with only himself, the hatchet his mother gave him and a windbreaker. In the wilderness, he learns how to do many things he would of never learned to do in the city, such as making a fire! He learns that if you feel sad, pity, or scared in the wilderness, it won't help anything, so Brian works things out on his own. Brian wont give up hope of getting found, and being with his family in this great story!
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21st Century

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Book Rating and Why?
Wikitastic: WWWW
Wikirific: WWW
Wikioker: WW
Wikiicky: W

I think this book was Wikirific (WWW) because it was very detailed and was fast paced, for an adventure story. It told alot about how to survive and making decisions. However, I think it wasn't Wikitastic (WWWW) because it was a bit disturbing, because the fish were eating the skin of the dead pilot. It was also pretty interesting about the animals in the forest and soem of them played a part in a way to how Brian acted and what he did. Overall, I think it was a great story and that it would be enjoyed much.