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the phsycal landscape of an area
America has a very diverse totpography.
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the plants living in a certain area
There are a lot of different kinds of vegetation in Michigan.
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sediment at the mouth of a river
The nile river delta is very large.
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a water plant used to make paper and rope
Papyrus was an important crop in ancient times.
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a person who moves from place to place
Maniac Magee was a nomad.

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people who follow the jewish religion.
One of my good friends is a Hebrew.
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the Jewish bible
The Torah is the Old Testament in the Bible.
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the man who led the Hebrews to ''the promised land''
Abraham is an influecial figure in the Jewish religion.
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a hebrew leader who led the hebrews out of slavery.
Moses told the Pharoah, ''let the Hebrews go free!''
King David
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a Hebrew king
David defeated the warrior, Goliath, with only his slingshot.
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King David's son who built the great temple of Jerusalem
''Soloman is very important because he built a great temple,'' he said.
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a promise
God's covenant with Abraham is an important part of the Jewish religion.
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Ancesters of someone.
Some people have many desendants while others have very few.
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a animal that is slaughtered to honor the gods/God
Sacrifices were common in early civilizations.
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a person who talks for God to other people
Jesus was a prophet.
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a terrible disaster
A terrible plauge is going on in Africa right now.
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the escape of the Hebrews from Egypt
The Exodus is part of the Torah and the Bible.
Ten Commandments
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the fundemental laws that Hebrews live their lives by.
The 10 commandments were written bown on two stone tablets.
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The Jewish holy day.
The Sabbath is an important part of Judaism.
Ark of Covenant
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The chest in which the 10 commandments are held.
David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem.