History Term

Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understandingof the history term
human sacrifices nick_b_sacrifice.gif
the sacrifice of living human beings
I wouldn't want to be a human sacrifice.
a group of people
Sometimes different clans fight for power.
Shang Dynastynik_b_shang.gif
The first Chinese dynasty
The Shang was the smallest dynasty.
ancestor worshipnick_b_worship.jpg
the worship of dead ancesters
I don't practice ancester worship.
Chinese writing
Logographs look complicated.
how money is made
The ecomomy goes up and down alot.
a Chinese philisophy that tells you to respect your elders
Confucianism was popular under the Han dynasty.
a Chinese philisophy that tells you to live a simple life.
Daoism is very interesting.
a Chinese philisophy that tells people to have harsh rules.
Legalism describes my family's homework policy.
Mandate of Heavennick_b_mandate.gif
the divine right to rule China
I don't believe in the Mandate of Heaven.
A form of government where the king gave the lords land, who gave it to peasants to work.
Feudalism was used in the middle ages.
Zhou Dynastynick_b_zhou.gif
The second Chinese dynasty
The Zhou dynasty was the third largest Chinese dynasty.
A Chinese scholar
Confucious was very smart.
civil servantsnick_b_civil.jpg
people that work for the government
Civil servants include police officers and firefighters.
Qin Shihuangdinick_b_qin.jpg
The first Emperor of China
Emperor Qin was a harse ruler.
making everything the same.
Qin standerized Chinese culture.
being sent away
I wouldn't want to be sent in exile.
the ability to live forever
I want to be immortal.
Han Dynastynick_b_han
The fourth Chise dynasty
The Han dynasty was the largest dynasty.
a form of government where a few people govern.
Bureacucracies sound unfair.
fancy handwriting
I don't like calligraphy.
something that takes away the feeling of pain.
Anesthics are used in the modern world.
Silk Roadnick_b_silk_road.jpg
A trade route that spanned from Rome to China.
The silk road was over 4,000 miles long.
Zhang Qiannick_b_ZhangQian.gif
A Chinese diplomat
Zhang Qian was very loyal.