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the surface features of a place such as mountains and deserts
there was some topography in ancient egypt and near canaan along the rivers
the plant life of a place or region
ancient egypt had moderate vegetation
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an area of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river
i saw a delta over the mountain
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a tough water plant used to make paper and rope in ancient times
papyrus is very important to egyptians for paper and rope use
a person who moves from place to place with no permanent home
for a long time i traveled in a group of nomads
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a society of people who lived to the northeast of egypt in canaan from 1800 b.c.e to 70 c.e
hebrews lived north of egypt in canaan for a very long time
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a parchment scroll on which the Pentateuch is written, used in synagogue services.
the torah is very important to hebrews in the use of synagogue services
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Old Testament the first of the patriarchs, the father of Isaac and the founder of the Hebrew people
abraham is important to hebrews and ancient egyptians
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The great leader, lawgiver, and prophet of the ancient israelites. According to the old testament, Moses was born in egypt, where the Hebrews were living as slaves.
moses was an important man in his time in egypt and was known for his great leadership
King David

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10th century bc, king of israel, son of David and Bathsheba, credited with great wisdom.
soloman was trusted with great wisdom and leadership and control
an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.
soloman mad a covenant to the people to be a good leader and us his wisdom wisely
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something deriving in appearance, function, or general character from an earlier form.
some people from my time r decendants from ancient egyptians and pharoughs
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to surrender or give up, or permit injury or disadvantage to, for the sake of something .

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a person who speaks for God or a deity, or by divine inspiration.
the prophet spoke to the gods and pharoughs in ancient egypt

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an epidemic disease that causes high mortality, pestilence.
there were some plagues in ancient egypt and canaan
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the exodus, the departure of the Israelites from Egypt under Moses.
moses led the exodus out of egypt to help the people
Ten Commandments
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the commandments summarizing the basic obligations of man towards God and his fellow men, delivered to Moses on Mount Sinai engraved on two tables of stone
the ten commandments were and are still followed by almost every human being
the seventh day of the week, Saturday, devoted to worship and rest from work in Judaism and in certain Christian Churches
the sabbath was important to ancient egyptians and hebrews to relax and not have to work

Ark of Covenant
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Also called ark of the covenant, a chest or box containing the two stone tablets inscribed with the ten commandments
the ark of the covenant was improtant to hebrews and ancient egypt people