History Term
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human sacrifices
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a person who is killed in a ritual
they are killed to serve in the after life for their rulers
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a group of friends and family
a clan is a group of people
Shang Dynasty
external image shang_dynasty_1600_bc_%EF%BC%8D_1046_bc57442fdf1f0961f98ade.jpg
the chinese dynasty that ruled huang he from 1700 to 1122 b.c.e
one of the four synastys we learned about
ancestor worship
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honoring ancestors by giving food to the dead
it is to worship the peiple before you
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a character that represents a word
logograph is one picture to represent a word
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a system of money for a region
econmy is getting bad
chinese philosophy that emphisizes proper behavior
it was made by a guy named confucias
external image daoist%20ceremony.JPG
chinese philosophy that emphisizes how to live with nature
daoism is a teaching for nature
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chinese philosophy that emphisizes strict laws
legalism is good
Mandate of Heaven
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a law that was granted by a god
it is made by a god
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a system based on landowners and tenants
alot of people are in feudalsim
Zhou Dynasty
external image Map.Zhou.gif
a line of rulers in china from 1045 to 256 b.c.e
it is one of the 4 dynastys that we learned about
external image confucius.jpg
Chinese philosopher who has alot of his sayings compiled by disciples after his death.
he made confucianism
civil servants
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a person who works for government
civil servants are like slaves
Qin Shihuangdi
external image QinShiHuangdi.png
a man who was emporer for a long time
he was like president
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQaUNCYWyKcHQuHsERZwX7UrBU1fK-oJbfFLFDYPlZ9VRv20dg4MTev8GGbDA
to make the same
standardize is to equal them out
external image Kirti_exile_protest_02.jpg
of way to live from a natives country
exile is a way to live
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able to live forever
to be immortal would be cool
Han Dynasty
external image hanmap.gif
the chinese dynasty that ruled for a short time
1 of the 4 dynastys we learned about
external image bureaucracy-i3.jpg
a government that has few people rule others
bureacucracy is government
external image islamic-calligraphy.jpg
the art of amazing handwriting
i am bad at calligraphy
external image anesthesia1-1.jpg
its like a pain killer
they used wine as an anesthetic
Silk Road
external image SILKMAP3.JPG
a network of trade routes that stretched over 4000 miles across asia
the silk road was a long trade route
Zhang Qian
was an imperial envoy to the world outside of China in the 2nd century BC, during the time of the Han Dynasty.
zhang qian was at the same time of the han