History Term

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human sacrifices

The sacfrice of humans.
I think human sacfrices are very wrong.


A big group of people.
Clans are are like bigger versions of cilqes

Shang Dynasty

The shortest Chinese dynasty..
The Shang dynasty was the shortest dynasty in China.

ancestor worship

The worship of ancestors.
Ancestor worship is what Mulan practiced.


A chinese charecter.
A saw many logographs in China.


Money managing of the country.
Michigan has a very bad economy.


A "lead by example" kind of philosophie.
Confucianism is a good way to teach people.


A very relxed philosophie.
I wish my mom belived in Daoism.


The harshest of the Chinese pilosohies.
Legalism is very harsh.

Mandate of Heaven

A power given to a person by a god.
You would probrobly would get in trouble if you said you were given the Mandate of Heaven if you really wern't.


When the king gives lords big peices of land.
I am not a fan of feudalism.

Zhou Dynasty

A dynasty from ancient China.
The Zhou Dynasty was very powerful.


The man who invented confusianism.
Confucius created Confusionism.

civil servants

People who work for the government.
To be a civil servant you have to be a hard worker.

Qin Shihuangdi

The ruler of the Shang dynasty.
Qin Shihuangdi was scared of dying.


Making everything the same.
America's money is stadardized.


Sent away from the place your from.
The king was in exile.


Never die.
Fruit flies are not immortal.

Han Dynasty

An ancient Chinese dynasty.
The Han Dynasty was mentched in Mulan.


Government stucture.
Bureacucracy is social stuctrue for government.


The beutiful art of chinese hand writing.
My friend knows how to do calligraphy.


A pain reliver.
They sell anesthetics in the pharmacy.

Silk Road

A famous trading route.
Silk was traded on the silk road.

Zhang Qian

The person who invented the Silk Road.
Zhang Qian was very important.