History Term
Definition in your own words
Use the word in a sentence that shows your understanding
of the history term
topography Riley_topagraphy.jpg
How the land looks.
In social studies we are studying the topagraphy of Mexico.
Plants that grow wildly in an area.
There was alot af vegetation by the river.
delta Riley_delta.jpg
The area at the end of a river where the river branches off and dirt is washed onto the banks.
From my window I can see a delta.
papyrus Riley_papyrus.jpg
The plant that Eygptians used to make paper out of.
Ancient Egyptian scribes wrote on papyrus scrolls.
nomad Riley_nomad.jpg
Someone that moves from place to place.
The nomad has lived in seversl different places.
Hebrews riley_Hebrews.jpg
The people that lived in Canaan and became the Jews.
The Torah talks about the Hebrews.
Torah riley_torah.jpg
The sacred scroll that the Jewish people read that talks about the Jewish religion.
They read the Torah at the synagoge.
Abraham riley_abraham.jpg
The man who moved his followers to Canaan and is called the father of the Hebrews.
God gave many test to Abraham.
Moses Riley_moses.jpg
The man who lead the Hebrews out of Eygpt and recieved the 10 Comandments.
The bible talks about Moses.
King David riley_king_david.gif
The man who made Jerusalm a holy city.
King David defeted Golom the giant and became king of Jerusalm.
Solomon riley_solomon.gif
The son of David and the creater of the Temple of Jerusalm.
One wall still stands from Solomons temple.
convenant riley_covenant.jpg
An agreement between two people.
Abrahm made a convenant with God.
descendants riley_descendents.jpg
People that are desended from another person.
Abrahm took his descendants with him to Canaan.
sacrifice riley_sacrifice.jpg
When something is killed for a religus ceromony.
God asked Abrahm to sacrifice his son.
prophet riley_prohpet.jpg
A person who tells about God.
Moses was a prohet.
plague riley_plauge.jpg
Something that effects people in a bad way.
God sent ten plagues to Egypt to make the pharoh release the Hebrews.
Exodus riley_exodus.jpg
When the Hebrews escaped from slavery.
After the tenth plague the exodus began.
Ten Commandments riley_ten_commandments.jpg
The rules of life that jewish people belive in.
Moses recived the Ten Commandments.
Sabbath riley_sabbath.jpg
The day that God commanded to be holy.
Today is the Sabbath.
Ark of Covenant riley_ark_of_covanant.jpg
The chest that holds the 10 Commandments.
The Ark of Covenant sat in Solomons temple.