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A country that is surrounded by water on three sides.
India is a subconinent.
The heavy rains that come in the spring to India.
Monsoons can be dangerus because they can cause flooding.
A piece of land that is higher than the other land and flat on top.
One of the main regions of India includes a plateau.
Giant mountains of ice.
In the Himalayas there is many glaciers.
A religion that is commmon in India and tells about the aspects of the world in many forms.
In India almost everyone practices Hinduism.
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Hindus dutys in life, such as following your deitey and nonviolence.
Dharma is one of the five main Hindu beleifs.
Young Brahman - Delhi, Delhi
Young Brahman - Delhi, Delhi

Brahman is the highest level in the caste system, Brahmans are priest or other religus people.
Brahmans are the highest level in the caste system and are very religus.
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Deitys are the ascpects of the world that Hindus belive in.
Since there are so many deitys, Hindus celebrate many holidays.
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Karma is how god and bad you are in life. Karma judges you on how you lived and decides what you will be reborn as.
If you have good karma you will be reborn into a higher class.
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The cycle of death, where you are born, die, and reborn in an everlasting cycle.
Buddhist beleive that if you have good karma you can escapre samsara.
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Hinduisms major holy book, it talks about the different parts of Hindu.
The Vedas was Hindisums first holy book.
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The ancient laguage that the Vedas is written in.
Sanskrit is Hindus holy language.
Brahman (ism)
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Hindus belive that Brahman is the cycle of life and all things are created and recreated by Brahman.
Hindus belive that Brahman is the cycle of life and all things are created and recreated by Brahman.
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The caste system is how everyone fits into society. It is made up of five levels, brahmans being the highest and the lowest being untouchables.
The untouchables are people who have jobs that Hindus consider dirty, like picking up trash.
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Reincarnation is when you reach a point where you escape the cycle of life.
You can reach reincarnation by becoming enlighted.
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A pilgramige is going somewhere holy because of your religion.
Hindus have to take a pilgramige to the Ganges River.
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Buddhism is a religion that talks about having nonviolence, no suffering, and becoming enlighted.
In ancient times, Buddhism was a major religion.
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The buddha was the first one to become enlighted and the founder of Buddhism.
The buddha became enlighted by mediatating under a tree for many years.
Prince Siddhartha
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Prince Siddhartha was a prince who found three forms of suffering. He was so troubled by this he tryted to resch enlightment, became the buddha, and founded Buhddhism.
Prince Siddhartha grew up wealthy with servants for his every need and he neave left hs palace until he was an adult.
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An ascetic is someone who gives up all possesions and other things and trys to reach enlightment by not giving their body basic needs, like food and shelter.
Before becoming the buddha, Prince Siddhartha was an ascetic.
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Alms are donatons of food that people give to Buddhist monks.
Buddhist monks survive almost entirely on alms.
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Emlightment is to reach a stage where you understand the world and you know how to get out of the cycle of life.
The buddha became enlighted under a tree now called they enlightment tree.
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A state of peace and calmness.
When the Buddha was enlighted he reached nirvana.
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Unification is where everyone in an area is together under the same rules.
Ashika was the first person to unify India.
Mauryan Empire
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The Mauryan Empire was agreat empire of India and conqured lots of land.
Ashoka ruled the Mauryan Emipre and united it.
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Edits are signs that tell about laws and how things should be.
Ashoka carved his edicts on to tall pillars so that everyone could see them.
A holy person who is devoted to his religion.

There are many Buddhist monks in Asia.
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