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The Absolute Value of Mike
Kathryn Erskine
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The story takes place in Donover, Pennsylvania in 2004. Mike, the main character, is a 14 year old boy that suffers from a math learning disability. Professor Frost, Mike's father, is a math genius who lacks people smarts and forgets everything that doesn't have to do with math. Poppy, Mike's great uncle, is a lazy couch potato who won't talk, move, or even interact with anybody. Past is a homeless person who has great looks, a great education, and keeps it cool around reporters. Gladys is a cool, gorgeous punk rocker who has stage fright. Karen is a priest, and a teacher who wants to adopt a child. Misha is the child Karen wants to adopt. Mike is a little freaked out by his relatives.
Mike, wants nothing to do with math. As a result, Professor Frost sends him to Donover Pennsylvania to spend six weeks with his great aunt, Moo. Moo wants Mike to work on an "artesian screw". But she means artisan's crew. Moo picks him up at the airport and takes him to her home. After he meets everybody, he finds out that Karen wants to adopt Misha. He has to raise $40,000 to adopt a child for Karen.
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WWW! It was full of exciting, weird, and AWESOME twists! Right when you think something is going to happen... Whamo! The oppisite of what you thought was going to happen happens. There were some downsides though. Sometimes it gets really sad, and it doesn't really give much of an ending. Well, that's all folks!