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human sacrifices
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a certain person that is killed for a religious ritual.
Human sacrifices are believed to be needed to gain the respect of the gods.
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a group of people that are close; such as friends and family.
I bet there are or were a lot of clans in Europe.
Shang Dynasty
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one of the Chinese dynasties that ruled the are around the Huang He for about 578 years.
The Shang dynasty was considered to be a myth by western scholars.
ancestor worship

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honoring ancestors through certain special rituals like offering the dead items and food.
They do that sort of thing on Day of The Dead in Mexico.
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a written letter or character that means or represents a word.
They must of had a lot of logographs.

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the system of managing wealth and money in a community or region.
The Chinese economy probably is somewhat different from ours.
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a Chinese philosophy that encourages and teaches good behavior.
Confucianism is a philosophy because Confucius, the creator, was a famous philosopher.
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a Chinese philosophy that encourages and teaches to live in harmony with nature.
The picture to the right is yin and yang which means opposing forces of nature.
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a Chinese philosophy that encourages and teaches strict obedience to laws.
I'm sure most Chinese citizens weren't a fan of legalism.
Mandate of Heaven
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a power or law that is believed to be granted by a spirit or god.
I wonder if people believed in the Mandate of Heaven.

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a system of government that was about landowners and tenants
Under feudalism, the king owned all the land.
Zhou Dynasty

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a line of rulers in China for about 789 years.
The Zhou didn't experience a lot of water shortages, since it was next to a great big body of water.

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the creator and or founder of the great Chinese philosophy, Confucianism.
Most people respected and liked Confucianism the best.
civil servants
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people who work for the government.
I guess you could say Mitt Romney's a civil servant.
Qin Shihuangdi
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a man who became emperor over a united China for about 11 years.
Most people had disagreements over if The emperor was good or not.

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to make the same
I guess people wanted to standardize the tactics and methods of Qin Shihuangdi.
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living far from one's native country
I wonder if people were exiled in the olden days.
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the ability to live forever
Some people in the past believed in immortality.
Han Dynasty

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the Chinese dynasty that rule for 16 years.
The Han dynasty arose during a time of stress and unrest.
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a system of government in which a few certain people can rule many others.
Bureacucracy was probably a big problem before.
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the art or form of neat handwriting.
A lot of things wouldn't be here today if there was no calligraphy.
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something that can relieves you of pain.
There are many different types of anesthetics.
Silk Road

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a series of trade routes that stretched for a ton of miles across Asia.
People were very interested in buying Silk before.
Zhang Qian
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a Chinese explorer that helped the emperor.
He discovered word of new places.