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The surface features of a place or region.
The topography of Michigan is very good.
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The plants in a certain area.
The United states has great vegetation.
Mud or slit at the mouth of a river or lake.
Most rivers have a delta.
A rough water plant used to make materials.
Very few people use papyrus today.
A person that moves place to place, with no permanent home.
Back in prehistoric time mostly everyone was a nomad.
People who study the jewish religion.
The leader of the hebrews was Abraham.
One of the holy books of the jewish people.
People read from the Torah when they turn thirteen years old.
Leader of the hebrews while they were moving to Canaan.
Abraham was the leader of the hebrews.
The hebrew leader who shared the ten commandments with his people.
Moses was one of the key leaders of the hebrews.
King David_gabby_g_king_david.jpg
King David created the hebrews first great temple.
King David ruled Israel for forty years.
King David's son.
Solomon helped his father rule Israel.
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A promise or a agreement.
You can not break a covenant that you make.
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A relative or family member.
i have a lot of descendants.
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A gift of a animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods.
Abraham had to make a sacrifice to one of his son.
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A person who speaks to god.
Moses is a prophet.
A terrible disaster affecting many people thought to be a punishment from god.
There were 10 horrible plagues.
The hebrews escape from egyptian slavery.
Moses led the exodus out of slavery.
Ten Commandmentsten_commandments_evan.jpg
The ten laws said to be given by God to Moses.
All jews follow the ten commandments.

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The seventh day of the week said to be used to pray or worship god.
Sunday is the day of sabbath.
Ark of Covenantark_covenant.jpg
The chest containing the ten commandments.
The ark of the covenant was located in Israel.