History Term
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Use the word in a sentence that shows your understandingof the history term
human sacrifices
Sacrifices to the ancient spirts by killing people
The elders demanded HUMAN SACRIFICES.
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A group or familiy that is killing people so they can become the royal family
bob joined his familiy CLAN when he was 10.
Shang Dynasty
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The first dynasty of china.
we learned about the SHANG DYNASTY in school.
ancestor worship
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Worship to realitives that are dead.
praise the ANCESTORs in a great WORSHIP!
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A form or shape to mean something.
we learned that LOGOGRAPH means a symbol that means a word.
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A place in the governments storage to help with money usally.
The ECONOMY was in great sape until he cam into the picture.
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A form of government in which someone would look up to elders and older people.
' i wish we lived in a world with CONFUCIANISM." said billy.
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A form of government where if you rule you rule as little as you can.
DOAISM is the best way to go for world peace.
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A form of government in which you get punished for wrong doings.
"LEGALISM is the most harsh way to rule" said bill.
Mandate of Heaven
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A promise made to Heaven in which you can get good rule if you are a kind leader and you can losee control if you are a bad leader.
I was granted the MANDATE OF HEAVEN.
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A form of government where there is one main person ,a king or an emperor, that tells some people ,lords, to tell the farmers and other people that live on a certain land piece what to do.
I wish people could know more about FUEDALISM.
Zhou Dynasty
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The second dynasty in which people found the secrets of bronze.
The ZHOU DYNASTY was the first dynasty that ruled.
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A scholor that taught confusianism to people and started it.
We thought that CONFUCIUS could be the person who started world peace ,if he was preaching today.
civil servants
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A person that is loyal and does what he/she is told to do.
We thought of ourselves to be CIVIL SERVANTS in school.
Qin Shihuangdi
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The emporeor of china that started the qin dynasty.
We thought that QIN SHIHUANGDI was the worst emperor ,in the line of order in the first four
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To make one; to have the same.
I hope that I can STANDARDIZE all the money in the world.
(when i searched exile it brought up motorcylces and a band.
(when i searched exile it brought up motorcylces and a band.

to rebel;be un-civil towards something.
I wanted to EXILE from school ,but i had no time to plan.
(perfect sense)
(perfect sense)

to live forever; never-ending.
I wish i could live forev... no I wish I could be IMMORATAL.
Han Dynasty
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A dynasty that started china up to maximum power it could have at the time and more.
We thought that the HAN DYNASTY was the most intelligente of them all!
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( not sure)

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Chinese writing.

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(din't understand)

Silk Road
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A trading route that leads to rome from china and people there will trade word items adn ideas.
We tried to re-create the SILK ROAD ,but it was too hard.
Zhang Qian
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A noble that was on a search for new ideas and stuff when he got caputured by the huuns and escaped them three times and found out there were more places in the world to trade with.
Imet up with bob at the ZHANG QIAN monuent.