Wikitastic Book Review
Book Title:
No Talking
Andrew Clements
Number of Pages:
146 Pages
Book Summary:
No Talking is about a boy named Dave Packer who reads a book about Mahatma Gandhi, Dave reads that Gandhi once never talked for a whole week. Dave is interested in this and experiments by not talking for a whole day. Next, Dave realizes that it would be fun to have a whole fifth grade No Talking contest. Everything is going fine until the school principal Mrs.Hiatt and the other fifth grade teachers find out what the children are up to. Read No Talking to find out what happens to the kids at Laketon Elementary.
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Book Rating and Why?
Wikitastic: WWWW, i rate this book Wikitastic because it was very cool how the kids would only talk with three word sentences. I thought that was very neat because No Talking is the only book that i have read that kids be creative and come up with cool ideas like No Talking contests.