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human sacrificesimages.jpeg
The killing of a person for a religous ritual.
In ancient times they used to give human sacrifices.
A group of family and or friends.
There have been many types of clans throughout history.
Shang Dynastyimages-2.jpeg
A Chinese dynasty that ruled from 1700 B.C.E to about 1122 B.C.E.
The Shang Dynasty was settled near the Huang He river.
ancestor worshipimages-3.jpeg
The belief that the spirit of ancestors can influence the living.
Many Chinese Philosopher's taught about ancester worship.
A symbol that represents a word or phrase.
In Anicent times they used logographs to write.
A way of managing a comminity's resource's
The present day economy is very bad right now.
A system of ethics focused on love and the respect for elders.
Confucianism is one of the three chinese philosophies.
A philosophy that focuse's on living in harmony with nature.
Daoism/Taoism are one of the three chinese philosophies.
A philosophy that foucus's on harsh punishments and strict laws.
Chinese emporer's used Legalism to rule their govenment.
Mandate of Heavenimages-8.jpeg
A law or power that is belived to be given by a god.
Many anicent dynastys have proclamied that they have recived a mandate of heaven.
A type of government that uses a system of landowners and many others.
Many chinese dynastys used feudalism.
Zhou Dynastyimages-12.jpeg
A dynasty in China that ruled for 1045 to 256 B.C.E
China went into madness from the Zhou Dynasty.
A chinese philospher that founded confucianism.
Confucius said that if everybody worked good the society would be good.
civil servantsimages-18.jpeg
People that work for the government.
Civil Servants were very important in China.
Qin Shihuangdiimages-19.jpeg
A chinese emporer that ruled from 221- to 210 B.C.E
Qin Shihuangdi had people build the Great Wall of China.
To make things equal or the same.
Chinese emporers standardizeed money by making it all the same.
To move or live somewhere else from your native country.
Many people had to exile to build the great wall of china.
Someone who is belived to live forever.
Only some people belive in immortals.
Han Dynastyimages-27.jpeg
A chinese dynasty that ruled from 206 B.C.E to 220 C.E
The Han dynasty was the largest Chinese dynasty.
A type of government that has a few leaders that rule over many others.
In bureacucracy, people are in charge of a lower class then themselves.
Artistic or neat and good hand writing.
The people of Han wrote on calligraphy paper.
somthing that relives pain.
They used wine as a type of anesthetic.
Silk RoadDownloadedFile-1.jpeg
A passage of routes that are for trading that went across Asia.
The Silk road was almost for thousand miles long.
Zhang Qianzhangqian.gif
A chinese explorer who made trading with western countries possible.
People call Zhang Qian the father of the silk road.