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Topography is the study of earth's surface shape and features.
This land has great topography!
The plant l
ife of a place or region.

The vegetation here is awesome!

A landform at the mouth of a river.
When the canoe left the rive and we met the lake we crossed over the delta.
A papyrus is a water plant used to make paper and ropes in the ancient times.
For a art project, i made papyrus
A nomad is a person who moves place to place without having a real home.
When I was on a trip, I saw a nomad walking around.
Someone who is a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
There are hebrews all over the world.....but mostly hebrews live in Isreal. I'm a hebrew
The first five books of the jewish bible.
When im 13, im going to read from the Torah.
The leader who led the Hebrews from Mesopotamia to Canaan.
I wish I could be Abraham! That woud be awesome!:)
A Hebrew leader who led his people out of slavery in Egypt and brought Judaism its fundamental laws, the Ten Commandments.
Moses was a good person.
King DavidSammie_King_david.jpg
The Hebrew kind who established Jerusalem as a holy city.
King David was a very smart person.
Solomon Sammie_soloman.jpg
The Hebrew king who built Jerusalem's first great temple; son of King David.
I wish i was Solomon because he built the first great temple.
An agreement or promise.
i have made a convenate before.
A daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, and so on.
The descendants of my parents ere kings and queens.
A gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor the gods.
My grandparents sacrifice a lot to be able to send my parents to school.
prophet Sammie_Prophet.jpg
A person who speaks or interprets for God to other people.
I bought a shirt of 5 dollars and sold it for 10 dollars so i made a 5 dollar prophet.
A terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment.
On Passover we say the 10 plagues.
The escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery.
Abraham led slaves out of Egypt duing the exodus.
The ten lawssaid to be given to Moses by God.
The ten commandments were given to Moses to god.
The seventh day of the week to be used for the rest and worship,according to one of the Ten Commandments.
Sunday is a day of sabbath for christians.
Ark of Sammie_ArkOfTheCovenant.jpgCovenant
The chest containing the Ten Condaments, written on stone tablets, that the Hebrews, carried with them during their wanderings after their flight from Egypt.
The Ark of the Covenant is the chest holding the ten commendments that the hebrews carried with them during the escape from egypt.