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People who come from Latin.
Latins are in Latin.
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One out of 7 hills in Rome
Palatine was in Rome.
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An irrigation system in Ancient Rome.
Cuniculus was like a sewer system.
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Fighters in a colliseum that fight another person or animal.
Gladiators were in the Romen Empire.
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A form of government with elected leaders.
The Roman Empire used to be the Roman Republic.
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People with power.
Patricians were more poweful than most people.
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Romans with no say in government.
Most Romans were plebians.
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A huge civilisation.
The Romans had a huge empire.
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When a city, country, or any kind of place expands or gets bigger.
There was an expansion of the Roman Empire.
civil war
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Battles and wars between two places.
The United States had a Civil War.
Punic Wars
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Little or small wars.
I never herd of Punic Wars.
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The story of someone inportent or the story of an inportent place.
The Roman Empire has a Legacy.
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Ancient Roman Wresteling.
They were in collosiems.
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Big places in Rome.
The Rennacance was in Rome.
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A place to keep things.
A vault is in my house.
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A gient building that looks like an upside down bowl.
There are still domes today like soccer domes and other sports domes.
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A large place filled with rows of people where athletes or gladiators compete in events.
A colosseum was in the Roman Empire.
Latin prefixes
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Laten architecture.
It was in Rome.
Latin roots
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Latin countery.
Latin roots were in Italy like Rome.
Roman numerals
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Roman numbers.
I herd of the Roman numbarels.
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Roman Statues.
There was lots of stoism in Anciant Rome.