History Term
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of the history term
The shape and texture of a place.
Topography is inportent.
Plants and Crops.
Vegetation can be very good for you.
An area where mud and other stuff dump at a mouth of a river.
Delta's probebely have dirty water.
A tough water plant used to make paper and rope a long time ago.
Papyuses are not used anymore.
A group of people that don't have a
permenent shelter and move from place to place to live.
I'm not a Nomad.
Early Jewish religon.
Many people used to be Hebrews.
Records of inportent things that happend in the Jewish Religon.
Iherd of the Torah.
He was the first person to beleve in one God and spread his believe.
Abraham was the father of the Jewish Religen.
The person who had the ten commandments.
Moses was in a book.
King David
He made Juruselem a holy city.
King Daved must have been inportent.
King David's son and he made the first great Tempel in Juruselem.
Solomen was a good man.
An agreement.
A covonent can be a promise.
A son or a daughter or grandson or daughter and it goes on.
I'm a Decendent.
When someone kill's sombody to save someone or somthing else. Or to give up somthing.
Sacrifices could be good or bad.
A person who spoke to God.
Aprophet was lucky to speak to God.
A very horrible and deadly illness.
The plague is really really bad.
When the Jew's ascaped from Egyptian slavery.
Exodus was great for the Jews.
Ten Commandments
A list of commandments created by God saying what you shauld do and what you shouldent do.
The ten commandments are like laws.
The seventh day of used for rest and worship.
Jew's selabrate Sabath.
Ark of Covenant
A box holding the Ten Commandments.
I never herd of the Ark of The Covenant.