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human sacrifices
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Religious sacrifices of humans.
There were human sacrifices in anciant China. And in other anciant civilizations.
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An anciant villige of people.
There were clans in anciant China.
Shang Dynasty
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A dynasty in Ancaint China.
The Shang Dynasty was pretty succesful.
ancestor worship
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Worshiping your ancesters.
Some clans in anciant China worshiped there ansestors.
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A picture representing a word.
The Chinese used to use logographs.
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A government.
The USA has an economy.
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A Chinese way of life that emphasises proper behavior.
Confucianism was used in China.
A Chinese way of life that is like living in harmony.
Daoism was used in China.
A strict way to rule a clan, country,villige or other types of groups of people.
Legalism was used in the Qin dynesty.
Mandate of Heaven
A power given by God.
The Mandate of Heaven was in some world religions.
A type of government baced on landowners.
Feudalism was used in the Zhou Dynasty.
Zhou Dynasty
A large dynasty in ancient China.
The Zhou Dynasty was in the northwest China.
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The founder of Confucinism.
He made Counfucinism.
civil servants
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A government worker.
Civil Servants were a high rank in China.
Qin Shihuangdi
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The strict ruler of the Qin Dynasty.
Qin Shihuangdi was very strict.
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To make the same.
The Han Dynasty standerdized their government.
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Not living in your native country.
My grandpa is living in exile.
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Someone who can't die.
Qin wanted to be immortal.
Han Dynasty
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Biggest Chinese Dynasty.
It ruled from 206 bce to 220 ce.
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Thing in China
It was a tool.
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Medisin in china
It is used today even.
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Someone who gives up all of there stuff.
Buddah was an anestetic.
Silk Road
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Large trading rout in Asia.
The Chinese used the Silk road
Zhang Qian
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