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isolated communities photo2288.jpg

A setelment is not conetid.

in mishigan tory is a isolater communities.

colony Murre_colony_jpg.jpg

A setelment in a contrei.

in antartica their are pemguins in antartica as a family.

settlement 174343main_jamestown-settlement-1-516.jpg

A villig or communite.

When Jon went to Vergina he started a settlment.

shelter shelter-leanto.jpg

Is a home for animols and people.

In the wild people have to make a shelter or barow a hame.

colonist colonist.jpg

A person who works in a conoley.

In vergina james town has colonist to help out.

oracle (not a bone) oracle_bone_script-mid_shang_dynasty_14th_century_161.jpg

Is some type of paper.

In anchint chian people wrote on oracle.

merchant merchant.jpg

A person who makes lots of mony.

Are govermint is a merchint.

city-state imagesCA66B9W7.jpg

A city that has its own law and rules.

In mishigan we have city-state.

monarchy 200px-Monarchy_The_Royal_Family_at_Work.jpg

A person that rules.

In mishigan we have a monarchy.

oligarchy oligarchy.jpg

A form of goverment.

In Anchent chain they had oligarchy.

tyranny Rola-tyranny-of-the-external-Fire.jpg

A powerful goverment that is lawful.

In amercana we have oligarchy.

democracy 441419149_Lemonworld_140_TYRANNY_xlarge.jpg

A goverment rules is sharde by citivlation.

In the old times they had a democracy.

monarch monarch13.jpg

A single ruler that takes over.

In Egyp people are monarch.

aristocrat aristocrat-zoom.jpg

A meber that has lots of power.

Are goverment is an aristocrat.

oligarch Khodorkovsky300.jpg

A few people that rules the shang goverment.

In Mishigan we have oligarch.

tyrant tyrantgalactus2.jpg

A person who touk power.

in are contrey we don't have tyrant.

assembly assembly%20chamber-floor.jpg

A person that make laws.

In Washing D.C they have a house for an assemdly.

Peloponnesus imagesCAR2T4J8.jpg

A land form in greek.

In Amerca we have Peloponnesus.

agora 2011%20FS%20-%20AGORA%20-%20Back%20of%20Rachael.jpg

A market.

We have Agora in the unided States.

priestess Img214273465.jpg

A femail ruler.

In Emglind they had a priestess.