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Mike Lupica
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My book Heat is about a twelve year old boy who is named Micheal and he is from Cuba. Micheal ilegealy imigrated to the USA where he lived with his dad and his brother Carlos. Micheal has the fastest fast ball in the whole little league in New York but there is one problem he is a ilegal imigrant from Cuba and his dad passed away. That is not all Micheal throws a fastball so fast that the other coaches don't belive that he is twelve. What will Micheal do with the Social Serveces and the Little League World Series with his whole Baseball team and older brother Carlos read to find out.
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Wikitastic: WWWW I rate my book Heat wikitastic! I rated it wikitastc because I like how creative it was and I love sports and it was all about baseball. The problem was really realistic and very exiting. I thought my book was great!
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