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Book Title:
Hate That Cat
Sharon Creech
Number of Pages:
148 pages
Book Summary:
These 5 sentences are about my book; "Hate That Cat" by Sharon Creech. "Hate That Cat" is about a boy named Jack recording his thoughts, poetry and feelings in his book. It all takes place in Jack's neighborhood where a fat black cat roams the streets and annoys Jack by clawing at his face. Jack hated cats until on one Chrismas morning he finds a kitten in his presents and names him Skitter Mckitter, but on one day Skitter Mckitter gets out and gets lost not to be seen for weeks.... until one night when Jack hears a meow at his back door and opens it, he sees SM lying down next to the black cat. He takes in SM and thanks the black cat for bringing him home. Jack finds newfound respect for the black cat and leaves a bowl of milk outside for him in gratitude for bringing back SM. That is the summary of my book "Hate That Cat".
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Book Rating and Why?
I give my book "Hate That Cat" a Wikirific (WWW) rating because it has poetry, it is very funny, and has good suspense in it, but it was a bit shorter than I'd expected. That is why I give my book a wikirific rating.