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human sacrificesaztec-sacrifice.jpg
a person that is killed for a religious ritual
some one that gets killed because they want to be honnored as some one who is religious
a large group of friends and family
a group of people
Shang Dynastyshang_dynasty.jpg
the chinese dynasty that ruled the area around the huang he from 1700 to 1122 b.c.e.
a ancient dynasty long ago
that people didn't believe existed untill they found proof.
ancestor worshipancestor-painting-QingDynasty.jpg
honoring ancestors with wine and bread during religious rituals
worshiping your ancestors
a written character that represents a word.
letters that have the meanings of words
a system managing wealth of a group or community
a community that controlls the peoples money
some one that shows proper behavior
some one that acts proper
some one that shows living in harmony with nature.
someone that lives with nature and harmony
chinese philosophy that makes strict laws
legalism is like a religion
Mandate of Heavenmoderant_levi.jpg
law granted by god
people belive that god makes laws
a system based on land owners
a social class based on wealth and family
Zhou Dynastyzhou_dynasty_levi.jpg
a line of rulers in china from 1045 to 256 b.c.e
a dynasty ruled by many kings
chinese philosopher that belived in proper behavior.
some one chinese tht belived in proper behavior.
civil servantscivil-servants_levi.jpg
a person that works for the goverment.
someone that is paid by the goverment.
Qin ShihuangdiEmperor_qin_levi.gif
first emperor of china
became emperor over united china from 221 to 210 b.c.e
decrease size
decrease size

follow same patern for every thing
for example all circles have 360 degrees
living away from ones native country
someone that is not allowed to live at home.
can live forever
chinese belived the gods were immortal
Han DynastyHan_dynasty_map_levi.jpg
chinese dynasty that ruled from 206 b.c.e to 220 c.e
han dynasty was the last dynasty
form of goverment which few people rule others
kings ruled lower class people
style of hand writting
neat and fancy kind of writting
a philosophy that appreciates beauty and art.
a philosophy that enjoys beauty and art in the world.
Silk RoadSilkRoadMap_levi.jpg
a road that is a chinese trading route
a trading road
Zhang Qianzhang-qian_levi.jpg
explorer of the silk road
he was named the father of the silk road because he opened the trade between china and their western neighbors
sorce doucument