Wikitastic Book Review
Book title: Lost Dog
Book Author: Ingrid Lee
Number of pages:197
Book Summary:
The main characters in Dog Lost are Mackenzie,Cash,Officer Dean and Abi. The story takes place at their house,a bar,abandoned houses,Chester Street, in fields and at the train tracks. The main conflict occurs when Mackenzie's dad loses his temper at Mackenzi's dog Cash, and kicks the dog out for good. The solution is Mackenzie goes out looking for the dog, finds him and brings him home. The plot involves Mackenzie receiving a dog, losing the dog,finding the dog and bringing the dog home.
21st Century
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Book Rating and Why?
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I rated Lost Dog Wikitastic because of the many details in the book. I also liked most of the characters that were brought to life in the book. All of the characters have thier own personalities and individual opinions about Cash, the pitbull dog. Ingrid Lee really made me curious to find out what would happen next or if there would be a new problem to be solved. For all these reasons, I loved reading this book.