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Dork Diaries (Tales of a Not So Popular Party Girl)
Rachel Renee Russell
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Book Summary:
This book is about a girl, Nikki, who has lockers next to a girl that is really mean to her. She is not very popular and the girl who has a locker next to her, Makenzie, is. This book basically is about how Nikki survives middle school. Along the way she has alot of problems though. You will have to read if you want to find out how Nikki survives middle school along with surviving Makenzies cruelness.
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Book Rating and Why?
I rate this book wikirific. This book was a great book almost all the time you were wondering what was going to happen next. That is why I rated this book wikirific, because you were not always wondering what was going to happen. Sometimes it was not as exiting.