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Sarah Weeks
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Heidi lives with her mentally diabled mother and their neighbor Bernadette who acts like family. Heidi never gave much thought to who she was and where she came from until her mother says a word that isn't in any dictonary: soof. Then when Heidi and Bernadette find some pictures Heidi's cuoriousity gets the better of her. The picture shows her mother and supposibly her grandmother at Hilltop Home in Liberty, New York. Due to her lucky streak,Heidi wins enough money on slots to buy a train ticket and goes off to Liberty, learning lessons on the way.
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Book Rating and Why?
I give So B. It a Wikitastic book reveiw because the book was a good pace and didn't drag on. I also liked
So B. It because
it taught lessons and showed what you can do if you try hard enough.