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The physical features of a place or region, such as mountains or deserts.
The topography of Caanan had a lot of water and some mountains as well as deserts.
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The plant life in a place or region.
The vegetation in this are is very fertile and healthy.
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An area of sediment deposited at the mouth of a river.
The delta was so muddy that I couldn't even get my toy boat in the water!
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A tough water plant that ancient egyptians made into rope and paper.
Papyrus was like an ancient style of paper.
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A person who romes in search of food and has no permanent home.
The nomads never stayed in one place.
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A society of people (ancient Israelites) who lived to the northeast of Egypt in Canaan.
The Hebrews traveled around a lot didn't they?
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The first five books of the Jewish Bible.
We learned how the Jewish read the Torah in the old days.
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The leader who lead the Hebrews from Mesopotamia to Canaan.
Abraham was sometimes called the father of the Hebrews.
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A Hebrew leader who lead his people out of slavery in Egypt and brought Judasim its fundemental laws, the Ten Commandments.
There was a story about Moses raising a staff and the water parted so the Hebrews could cross.
King David
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The Hebrew king who established Jerusalem as a holy city.
Some people didn't like the way King David ruled.
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The Hebrew king who built Jerusalem's first great temple; son of King David.
Only the west wall of Solomon's temple is still standing.
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An agreement or promise.
This covenant will never be broken by me or you, right?
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A daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson, and so on.
Your family is from a long line of desendants.
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A gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods.
He made a sacrifice of his own son!
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A person who speaks or interprets for God to other people.
The prophet didn't speak very loud today, I couldn't hear him very well.
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A terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment.
Eveyone was afraid of the plague.
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The escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery.
Moses lead the Exodus back to ancient Canaan.
Ten Commandments
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The ten laws said to be given to Moses by God.
The Jewish religion still revolves around the Ten Commandments and more additional laws.
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The seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship, according to one of the Ten Commandments.
I can't wait for Sabbath this week!
Ark of Covenant
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The chest containing the Ten Commandments, written on stone tablets, that the Hebrews carried with them during their wanderings after their flight from Egypt.
The Ark of the Covenant looks so new! How is it so old?